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APPEND 1/17/2013: Added Princess/Jack under Crossover and Princess/Bubbles under Like!

put the other one into scraps because why two in one gallery folder?? nope

my last one was extremely shitty because 1. what was i thinking and 2. i didn't even know so like hell i could explain what i thought!

the originator of the meme redid it so I thought i'd redo mine too!!!! this time around i've done some ACTUAL changing around of ships and have included a guide for you!!!! wow!!! if you want to know how i feel about a ship, check here; if you don't know, then ask and I will add it :D


:bulletpurple: Ships I love!
Him/Professor - Definitely my biggest in-show OTP and inspired many, many years ago by LadyKeane. So much canon, it's just plain fun. :B 
Bubbles/Robin - LOVE IT. Thinking they grow up to be legit girlfriends here. They're both cute and sensitive and like the same things, and live right next door...yeah, super good basis for a relationship. Robin comes to understand the girls need space, and making other friends (who aren't Princess Morebucks, obviously >_>) helps with her loneliness. Likewise I think Bubbles would be the one to reach out to her more than her sisters.
Mojo/Sedusa - I assume they meet in jail?? Sedusa just can't fall in love for real with a -human-, but a monster or mutant like her is another story. Mojo craves attention...especially from someone who won't make him change who he is, someone evil like him. I've read fics and seen art that make it work REALLY well. They both really like priceless jewels, too. derpdederr

silver bullet by catluvr2 Ships I like!
Keane/Green - another idea from's just so cute!!! Who else could Ms. Keane entrust her students to but the sweetest monster she's ever met? We know Keane/Prof didn't work out, in the end...even if it seems like they should get together, ultimately they couldn't do so without getting in everyone's way, including each others'. Ms. Keane also seems like one of the first people in Townsville who would absolutely give a monster a chance. She's quick to forgive and quite trusting, and Mr. Green deserves someone who will give him the time of day for WHO he is rather than WHAT he is. 
Bubbles/Mojo - What can I say? Ah, I probably liked this pairing the most as a kid watching the show. Bubbles calls him 'cute' and who could forget Los Dos Mojos? I like this even more than Blossom/Mojo, for some reason. Also, the fanart of them all over pixiv doesn't help.
Blossom/Big Billy - She was the least accepting of his presence in Slave the Day, but that's just because she expects more out of people who really want to do good. If you've not read Learning is my Strong Point, get to it. A much cuter tutor/student relationship than Blossom/Boomer imo, mostly because Big Billy isn't really evil so much as he just wants to be accepted by whoever thinks is his 'boss'.
Bubbles/Amoeba Boys - It's one of those pairings that's just cute! It's a sweet sort of ship, as all characters involved are ridiculously innocent. 
Buttercup/Ace - The actual canon ship! The Manifesto should shed some light, as should their relationship in Fusionfall. No, Buttercup did not get over Ace after Buttercrush, it's obvious that six seasons later in Aspirations, she still has feelings for him and gets touchy when that's brought up because she knows she shouldn't care after what he tried to do to her sisters. Not everyone would approve, but hey, they were cute besties in Buttercrush, and when Buttercup's older, they're gonna be rockstars ;P Ace is totally, definitely Buttercup's bitch though.
Lenny Baxter/Femme Fatale - Crack ship, but the way I unwittingly headcanoned it sort of makes it plausible. Potentially peers in high school. Femme Fatale was never popular; she was shunned for her outspoken and sometimes bitchy personality. Lenny was in the same boat; he was a geek and always bullied. They crossed paths a few times here and there. Years later they meet in jail and Femme Fatale realizes that Lenny is actually a radical feminist like her--because come on, this is a grown man idolizing and obsessing over how awesome three female superheroines are. It takes years, but Femme gets over her hardcore misandry by realizing that Lenny is worth her time and eventually her love. Lenny never recovers from his internalized misandry but he doesn't mind, as he has a new obsession now. Maybe when they get out of prison they can run a comic shop together and dedicate almost all of the store to female superheroines...DAMN i'm crazy haha sorry! wow
Princess/Bubbles - As a kid, reading Scary Princess (one of the chapter books) influenced this one, not to mention I've seen it around. If any of the girls gave Princess another chance, it would be Bubbles, I think. And they were cute as friends and hanging out before Princess ruined everything >_>

:bulletpink: Ships I Love/Hate!
Bubbles/Him - I like them more as BFFs to be fair; that's not to say I can't see the logic of those who do ship it, and I did ship it for a long time! Me liking this pairing largely depends on the taste of the fanartists/fic author portraying them. What I mean is, I usually don't like or care for the pairing unless I'm persuaded to.
Buttercup/Mitch - Same as above. They're friends in canon, but Buttercup clearly only likes him as a friend. Plus, he's a little shit. Their feelings could change later on, for better OR for worse. 

:bulletyellow: Ships that are Neutral!
Robin/Mike Believe - I guess this is just because they're both normal human kids that are kind of lonely and quiet...meh. It's boring, to me. When I see it added to pics of color-coded PPG/RRB it just serves to further prove to me that, more often than not, this pairing is tacked on for the hell of it.
Sedusa/Bellum - I see it, they look good together in the same picture, but it's usually done just for the "hot lesbians" factor. How did Sedusa manage to catch Bellum off guard and out of the way for so long, when Bellum can clearly fuck her up? Maybe they had a thing? Hell if I know or care.
PPG/Any 'normal' boy - Ah, no. I don't think these will be physically possible, but if you like them, cool. I can see where Blossom/Harry, Bubbles/Mike and Buttercup/Elmer come from but I'm just like....ehhhh...I can't make myself care...
Powerpunks/Anyone - I don't give a fuck about the powerpunks, really. They look cool, but I don't know enough about them to make a huge fuss about pairing them. I prefer working with the Powerpuff girls. No, they are not even remotely the same, nor are the Punks just evil versions of the girls. Trying to actually justify shipping them with someone gives me a headache because all we have is a one-issue comic book that gives us very little to go on! :B If I had to ship them with anyone, I would ship them with the Puffs, but...I'd really rather not. 

:bulletred: Ships I hate!
Brick/Blossom, Bubbles/Boomer, Buttercup/Butch - I want to puke all over these ships and everyone who tries (and always fails) to justify them. You can ship what you want, but I can judge if I want. There's no excuse for this sick fuckery. It's a complete slap in the face to all six characters, and its mindless support by the masses is one of the very few things that drives me up the wall. It's literally sexism, rape culture, and abuse personified. The boys represent stupid, violent, and sexist men, and always will. Stop, just stop, for your own health, for my health, and for the good of society. Don't perpetuate this  nonsense by condoning it. 
Rowdyruff boys/Anyone - Speaks for itself. I just hate the Rowdyruff boys, really. They don't deserve anyone. :T Well, except maybe Princess, who's just as grating. Princess/Brick is alright, I guess, but I hate Brick so much that I really....don't care.

Dark blue bullet by catluvr2 CROSSOVER SHIPS!!!!

Aku/Blossom - My forever OTP for almost 10 years now. I came up with it more as a joke to freak people out, but after seeing other people's stuff of them and working with them for so long, I saw the light. With almost a whole gallery dedicated to them as well as a few journal entries and blog posts detailing my thoughts on them, it's easy to see why I love Akubloss! No matter the relationship, be it lovers, friends, or enemies, they'll always be interesting, perfect counterparts imo. I don't even hate people who hate it, I just feel bad that they can't see how flawless it is :innocent:
Aku/Him - My secondary OTP. I actually shipped this before Aku/Blossom, and I still do! Both of them are so fucking dramatic, and it's the same for them as Akubloss -- lovers, friends, enemies, it's all good!
Bubbles/Nergal Jr. - Came up with this one on the fly to link Aku/Blossom and Demongo/Jack O'Lantern together, but Loopyfists adopted it and now I genuinely ship it. Another one of those super cute Bubbles ships!
Buttercup/Dexter - There are a couple of CN-related hints for this as well as canon-characterization reasons for why I ship it. Also inspired by Loopyfists, who explains it better than I ever could. 
Zim/Buttercup - I'd actually seen this mentioned around the internet before I came across Z-cup101's fanart of them, and I wasn't convinced until I did!! Damn, it's wonderful. I think much better of it now than I did before. It's also a little like Buttercup/Dexter to me, too. :U
Bubbles/Mac - A lovely ship that's made its rounds here on deviantart and even has a club! Yet another cute Bubbles ship--even if PPG is just a TV show in the Foster's universe...
Blossom/Dexter - I don't like it very much. A lot of people think it would work because hey, smart redheads, right? Yeah, no...that's about all they have in common. They MIGHT be like, teammates, coworkers, friends, or rivals...but...Dexter is an antisocial little shit that thinks he's better than everyone else; he's also canonically a pain in the ass and really sexist, and Blossom doesn't take kindly to being dismissed due to her age, gender, etc. She needs someone who will listen to her and talk to her...and Dexter, he's usually wrapped up in his work and doesn't want to listen to anybody unless they're praising him endlessly. They would never work out in the long term, going by their show characterizations. TookishPeriannath, however, manages to do the only art of them that I like >>; But she really is the only exception. PPGD sucks btw 
Blossom/Jack Spicer - from RiddleMeRoxy Hahh...Jack Spicer is my favorite Xiaolin Showdown character, and he's also really, really annoying :B He's a cutie dork but Blossom is way out of his league...I prefer Jack/Chase or Blossom/Aku or something. I don't really hate it, but I don't really like it, either. My feelings on this are jumbled ^^; I guess overall, I'd have to say I'm neutral. 
Princess/Jack Spicer - This pairing and the way PrincessCallyie portrays it almost reminds me of Team Rocket from Pokemon, except both characters are rich and there is no Meowth. Two criminals who are more annoying than they are dangerous, constantly bickering but too alike to separate. With their canon characterizations, Jack is too precious to be subjected to Princess' craziness (and also, see above). I think I like Jacksom a little more, though, just because one half of it's Blossom and I love Roxy's art/ideas >>;;;

:bulletblue: BROTP/BFF Ships!
Sedusa/Him - Siblings or besties! I see a lot of shippy fanart out there, but I think they'd totally be girl friends!!! They shop at the same stores together, I just know it...
Ace/Snake - Snake is Ace's right hand man. What I mean by that is, when Ace's right hand is broken in a fight with them Powerpuff Girls, Snake helps him peel the cucumber. Bros have each others' backs, and also their butts. 
Mayor/Bellum - The closest thing I can get to what I think of this pairing...idk why?? lol
Professor/Aku - I don't even know...they're just huge dorks...I feel like they'd go golfing and riding around in the car and experiment in the lab a lot?? It's almost cute, like a man and his crazy, massive pet dog who also happens to be an extremely dangerous alien. Hard to explain, really!
Aku/Bubbles or Buttercup - Obvious sibling cuteness, with Aku being chemical X, he's sort of related to them, and he's with Blossom anyway! Bubbles and Aku watch cartoons and play together and draw and love animals (especially dogs!!), and Aku is about the only person Buttercup can genuinely spar with, bar her sisters. Plus Buttercup totally needs a brother to like all the hardcore music and the horror movies and the video games and stuff with her. How this happens, idk, but AUGH it's cute as fuck to think about.

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I was bullied a lot to for my disability by other kids and even more so by teachers. It's why you may see lots of things from me but RRB/PPG will never be one of those things :).
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